Online advertising in the age of the enabled user

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It’s a convoluted long headline to describe a complex quandary in the industry, How do you effectively serve ads in today’s digital age while users are trying to avoid your message to get where they wanted to go?

I started to think about this after a blogger made the statement,”If you can even begin to generate income from online ads.”

At Promosta (That’s a shameless advertising link) we focus specifically on Google Text ads. I don’t even think about pop up ads. In my daily life I’ve used adblockers for years and am oblivious to the prospect of getting hammered with overlays and ugly message killers like display advertising.

So I had a look at the bloggers site and then turned off the adblocker. I had no idea they had been trying to sell me targeted products from my amazon recently viewed list. I was never going to buy those things through a link on their site. If I want something I go to Amazon and order it. But the site was relatively uncluttered and I could still get what I was looking for in editorial content.

So I had a little walk around the interwebs with the adblocker off to see what we’ve been missing since I installed an ad free experience… I was amazed:

On the bottom – How I always see the interweb. The top – A high resolution screen begging for scroll to get to the content… No related stories in view pushed down by the ads… It’s god awful!

I understand the need for digital publishers to generate income. I know you need to pay the writers who generate the news I read. But are you really getting quality traffic and serving important necessary ads to your audience when you are depriving them of what they re there for? Content… Content, content…

There has to be a happy medium.. I hope I see it… Doubtful… I turned my ad blockers back on…

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