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Is this advertising?

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You bet your sweet whiskey soaked ass it is…

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Product Placement and Embedded Advertising

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Or: How Google changed the face of modern advertising

Google Changing the face of advertisingThere was a “dirty little secret” in internet advertising for years. That secret was, every effective advertising campaign was modeled after an effective ad campaign for pornography.

And then came Google.

Google served up relevant advertising based on your current search, search history, or content in pages you sought. It was ground breaking. They used actual data to give you an ad you may be interested in rather than assuming because a user was on a computer they wanted to see raunchy pictures.

And it worked.

It worked so well that Google is capable of doing pretty much anything in the way of research and development with unlimited funding for their pet projects. All of which have been cleverly manipulated to be cool, user friendly, desirable, and deliver relevant advertising content.

Such as:

So here is the new development in advertising that may help to save the music industry. They are placing relevant products in content (songs and videos) for cash. If nothing else it will be an opportunity for recording executives to work for their living rather than profiting on artists dreams and hard work.

In this article we see that a dating website has a paid placement in a Lady Gaga video. And that company saw a 20% traffic spike as a result.

Paid placement in a premium position: Google may not have done it first. Companies have paid to have their products featured in movies and television shows for years. However, Google was the first to intuitively and dynamically show advertising relevant to the audience based on more than just their age demographics.

O.K. So product placement in movies and television has been going on for quite sometime (and ruined the Matrix Trilogy) but as the article concludes the added income of product placement will help to increase production budgets.

Product placement has become a staple in television as more people use a DVR to skip through advertising on their favorite weekly sitcom or “reality” show.

Luckily for me, I’ve never been much for commercial music, and my television viewing is a little more PBS in an MTV world, however it will be interesting to see how much more targeted product placement will infiltrate our entertainment in the future.

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Resurrecting a Brand

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As more and more small businesses and brands are gobbled up by the larger competition it’s heartening to see a local favorite resurected.

The familiar logo

The familiar logo

Here in Detroit we have a number of local products with a strong allegiance… Better Made Potato Chips, Grobbels Corned Beef, Faygo Soda, among other. We have brands that have suffered the assimilation into the larger companies such as Vernor’s Ginger Ale and Stroh’s Beer.

Recently, a couple decided to resurrect Velvet Peanut butter, a favorite for detroiters (and the nation) until the late 70’s. The original recipe has been revived and the familiar packaging has returned to local supermarkets! Velvet Peanut Butter is back, completely Michigan made!

Detroit Marketing Services salutes the return of Velvet Peanut Butter and Michigan made products. We also went and picked up a couple jars, and yes it’s still a great as ever!

News article about Velvet from

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Like A Rock

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I still love me some Detroit rock and roll.

To continue with the rock and roll means well in advertising subject, I was reminded of the Like a Rock series of Chevy Truck ads from the late 90’s.

What a genius pairing (Allegedly inspired by John Cougar Mellencamp) where quite arguably the greatest voice in rock lent his song to the greatest trucks, both from detroit.

If you don’t have it, go get Live Bullet by Bob Seger (recorded in Cobo Hall) and get yourself a Chevy truck and blast it riding down the freeway!

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Viral Marketing

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Here’s an example of a wildly successful viral marketing scheme as envisioned by a blue-tooth manufacturer. Successful in that everyone fell for it and it was wildly distributed throughout the Internet, causing people to try to emulate the experiment. However, it did not lead to additional sales of their blue-tooth headsets.

Unfortunately the scare of radiation from cell phone headsets popping popcorn (or cooking eggs) turned out to be a curiosity, and never referenced the blue-tooth headsets, keeping people from actually purchasing the technology to save their brain cases.

I call that a good thing since Blue-tooth headsets make the wearer look like a professional geek.

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