The Death of Broadcast Advertising?

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Digital Video Recorder

Digital Video Recorder

Not really, but the advent and proliferation of the DVR has made advertising messages challenged to get to viewers.

While the advent of the DVR is not new, mine is. And I must say that being able to watch a 60 minute show in 45 minutes is a time saver, the ability to skip past annoying commercials is spectacular.. there are other commercials and ad spots that are obviously hampered.

However, there has been progress in getting messages through the high speed forwarding of the DVR.

In a traditional advertising pause, you have 3 – 5, 30 – 60 second advertisements. The first ad in that block needs to get their name up as the opening of the ad. It may take 1 – 2 seconds for the viewer to get around to pushing the forward button and that provides and opportunity for the advertiser to get the name recognition in there.

On my ATT DVR when I tell it to go back to normal play it jumps backward some amount of time (haven’t figured the exact time yet and it appears to be dependent on the speed t which I was fast forwarding… ) and there is an opportunity for the DVR to catch the last half of the ad block if not the final ad of the block… These should become prime advertising spots as they are more likely to be seen in the DVR world… So far I’ve seen the majority of the final ads in a block being the promos for other shows on the network, however, these will become prime real estate like the inside front cover of magazines (remember magazines?)

There are some other innovative things I have seen in advertising as I speed through it on the DVR.. In Fast forward you catch a couple frames of every ad. If an advertiser keeps a consistent message such as their logo in one space throughout the ad their brand will have recognition.

A better example is an ad about car safety that features a car rolling over toward the camera in slow motion. In high speed it appears that the car is rolling right at me in regular speed. Unfortunately I cannot remember what brand that car was… (EDIT: Update it’s a Mercedes commercial, but cannot be found on the Mercedes website or I guess they should implement the branding solution previously mentioned.

While the DVR does not spell the end of broadcast advertising, it has created a challenge to advertisers and their creative agencies to develop innovative ways to brand their products and services in this new digital age.

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American Car Advertising In Detroit

Advertising, Automotive, Brand Recognition

Here in Detroit we have an annual event called the Woodward Dream Cruise (August 21 2010 this year) . The event started as a spontaneous cruise event over 10 years ago where classic car enthusiasts got together one weekend to show their passion for American muscle cars on Woodward Avenue, the first paved road in the United States.

Over the years this event has grown to be a nearly week long gathering of over 1 million cars and even more people to enjoy the show. While it is still a non profit event typically considered an impromptu gathering of car enthusiasts, many businesses have found this concentration of car enthusiasts is a great opportunity to advertise and build brand awareness. Most importantly our friends at Chevrolet who indirectly (along with Ford and Chrysler) have made the event possible put up billboards on Woodward Avenue. Below are some of those.

Here’s to American cars and the development of the middle class here in America. We here at Detroit Marketing Services would love to see that middle class continue.

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SuperBowl 2010

Advertising, Brand Recognition

It’s been a long season… It’s a story to be remembered, and congratulations to the New Orleans Saints!

As usual, the hype with the Super Bowl Ads reached a fevered pitch as advertising costs reached nearly the cost of two years ago. After the economic fallout, last years ads were reduced in price and many advertisers decided to skip the exorbitant cost of advertising during the Super Bowl.

Of course the Super Bowl is also the world championship of advertising, requiring many agencies to bring their “A” game for the ads are nearly as talked about as the game.

While there were many ads worth talking about the most timely and clearly the standout would be Oprah, Jay Leno and Dave Letterman sitting on a couch together doing a bit for the Letterman Show. Considering the animosity between the three the question I have is; which cost more, the advertising time, or paying the three of them to sit on a couch together.

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CBS Gaffe on Advertising During Leno


While the decision to move Jay Leno out of his “Prime Time” slot isn’t surprising to anyone who owns a television, there is an interesting turn of events with the public pronouncement of CBS entertainment president Nina Tassle, that the Leno debacle has been a windfall for CBS advertising.

While this is interesting for those of us who watch advertising trends, stating it publicly as NBC is struggling with what to do about the Leno time slot just helps NBC make that decision to push him back to “Late Night.”

To paraphrase Kenny Rogers, “You never count your money while your sitting at the table.”

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Detroit Lions Advertising


The Sunday before Thanksgiving there was much speculation whether the Detroit Lions would be blacked out locally in Detroit for the nationally televised Holiday game. This game has been under scrutiny for the last couple years because, let’s face it, the Lions suck.

However, they have their biggest market here in Detroit, and blacking out the game in the local market where we can’t get enough abuse watching and being disappointed by the Lions is a foolish move by the NFL. Understandably they want to sell tickets to tha actual game. But the Lions have no draw in a rough economy in the worst hit community in the nation.

Ford built the smaller Ford Field because they couldn’t consistently sell out the massive Silverdome. As the team stands now they couldn’t sell out a high school bleacher field…

Meanwhile our struggling local television stations are relegated to showing reruns of M*A*SH during the game slot and losing out on premium ad dollars. The NFL should show a little sympathy and allow us not only to see the lowly Lions lose another game locally, but also to allow the local stations to reap a little advertising benefit.

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New Detroit Daily Press

Advertising, journalism

On Monday November 23, a new newspaper will enter the market in the Detroit Metropolitan area.

The Detroit Daily Press will be published by brothers Mark and Gary Stern, who started the process of a new daily publication after the Detroit Media Partnership reduced their print publications to three days a week.

According to reports, the paper will farm out printing and distribution and needs to sell 150,000 units to break even. they are beginning publication at 200,000 units. The paper has opportunity to fill the void left behind by the reduced publication of the Detroit News and Free Press, and will offer readers without internet, or preferring a print publication and option that simply hasn’t been available since the DMP reduced production.

Further information says that the paper will cost 1/2 what the News adn Free Press cost at Newsstands and will offer print advertising at 1/4 the price.

Of most importance and desire to us at is the local connection and ownership of the Detroit Daily Press. The newspaper will not be owned by a major conglomerate and will be closer in touch with the issues concerning the city.

For our clients and friends in the metro Detroit area, we encourage you to look into this new avenue for reaching potential clients by advertising with a local publication and helping to generate a few new jobs locally here in our neighborhood.

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Retro Advertising

Advertising, Brand Recognition

With the economy struggling and the obvious cut in advertising dollars coming along with that, we have seen an interesting trend. The return of classic ads in, at least, the Detroit Market.

While it’s great to see the Dietrich Furs and Discount Tire brings back the memories. The Detroit Zoo revived the classic “animals” commercial in a campaign to create a new one as well.

We can only Hope that Faygo revives their classic ad, or they were to re-open Boblo Island so we could see those ads on TV again.

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Resurrecting a Brand

Advertising, Brand Recognition, Viral marketing

As more and more small businesses and brands are gobbled up by the larger competition it’s heartening to see a local favorite resurected.

The familiar logo

The familiar logo

Here in Detroit we have a number of local products with a strong allegiance… Better Made Potato Chips, Grobbels Corned Beef, Faygo Soda, among other. We have brands that have suffered the assimilation into the larger companies such as Vernor’s Ginger Ale and Stroh’s Beer.

Recently, a couple decided to resurrect Velvet Peanut butter, a favorite for detroiters (and the nation) until the late 70’s. The original recipe has been revived and the familiar packaging has returned to local supermarkets! Velvet Peanut Butter is back, completely Michigan made!

Detroit Marketing Services salutes the return of Velvet Peanut Butter and Michigan made products. We also went and picked up a couple jars, and yes it’s still a great as ever!

News article about Velvet from

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Coupling PR with Advertising

Advertising, journalism

Like they say, there is no such thing as bad press.

The Detroit area MGM Casino has launched a new ad campaign that is vague at best, however, has caused a stir. If you can beleive the hype.

The campaign began with billboards around the metro area featuring a shadowy face with wicked cat eyes. The local news and some national outlets have picked up the campaign and done some stories on what the message really is. Of course we’ve found a couple nut jobs who think the yellow eyes are symbolic of a demonic possession. (Of course none of this mentioning the demonic possession that gambling can h ave on a person)

See the article here:

Importantly, we should remember that advertising is designed to create a reaction. Winner. People are talking about the billboards. The news has decided to write stories about the billboards whether the journalists motives are altruistic or not has yet to be determined. I would wager that part of the campaign included MGM notifying the news outlets that the billboards were “Controversial”

Most importantly, what is the message? I still haven’t found a casino theme in the ads. That’s consistent with their billboards in the area for the past 3 years. However, I can’t say these billboards are bringing more people t the casino to gamble their hard earned money.

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Context of your messsage

Advertising, Internet, journalism

For those that haven’t seen it, Jon Stewart of the Daily Show on Comedy Central and Jim Cramer of Fast Money on CNBC have been having a little snipe war over the last week about who is the better credible news source regarding the recent financial meltdown.

To his credit Jim Cramer went on the Daily Show last night for a professional no holds barred discussion about who is complicit, and what CNBC should be doing a better journalistic jobto expose graft, greed, and corruption in the financial markets. Honestly, Jon Stewart took him to the wood shed.

Aside from that, the full version of the interview was posted on the internet, and when you stream it off the Comedy Central Site, Between Part 1 and 2 there is an ad for CitiBank. Now, there is some validity to the content being financial in nature, however the overall content is critical of banks and their role in the devastation that has recently happened in the financial sector. This is not a good venue for CitiBank to be placing ads….

The embedded player may not show the same ads (if any) however, it is still a great interview and worthwhile to watch for anyone who is affected by the current economic downturn (which is everybody)

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