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Advertising in the age of DVR

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I wrote a couple weeks back about the introduction of DVR to my house and the fascination of just obliterating advertising from my network programming as long as I don’t have anyone ruin the outcome of whatever I taped (DVR’ed) off NatGeo…

Advertisers are getting hip to the DVR phenomenon and are making some strides to get their message in front of viewers even if they have the ubiquitous FF button at the ready.

One technique I noticed is the “Teaser” piece of a broadcast show. This is usually around the 45 minute mark of a program that comes out of commercial and has a 30 – 45 second piece of programming that has little to do with the storyline or character development, an aside if  you will. During this little piece you get disrupted from the FF and while backing up usually catch the tail end of the previous ad, and the beginning of the next.. additional commercial breaks will continue to add to the advertising mizx… I’m certain that ads leading out of the show and coming back into the show will be come prime real estate like cover positions in print ads.

However, the one I found seriously intriguing happened this weekend.

Let me first set the stage with, I was walking through the room where my girlfriend was watching TV. I was not, I repeat not watching the Rachael Zoe Project. Anyway as they were throwing to commercial, there was a short piece between Rachael and I assume her husband… In this piece they were arguing about going someplace, and he was trying to get all the information and tickets while using Microsoft’s Bing search engine… Well that certainly caught my eye… Why would they be using Bing?

Anyway I figured out, about the same time Kara did, that this was actually a commercial featuring the characters in the show.. well how cute is that? I would have fallen for the same thing had it been something I was watching… So I’m waiting for Michael Weston to begin pitching yogurt on Thursday nights during Burn Notice.

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