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Being a marketing solution provider I hate to admit that I am oblivious to advertising. I skip past it with the DVR all the time. The other day the television was on and I wasn’t paying it my full attention and I noticed the song from the Classic Vacation movie with Chevy Chase. I know there is a new Vacation movie, but I haven’t given it much thought since sequels and reboots typically fall well short of the original.

So I looked up at the telly, and a family is pouring into the van as Dad yell’s “Let’s go to Wally World!”

Well Just watch below:

And I’m thinking the whole time – Is this a car commercial? That isn’t the actor in the new movie… Then Christie Brinkley laughs at him about the blond in the convertible. Awesome!

Perfect use of current events and the upcoming movie while pulling the retro nostalgia.

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